K2VITAL® is vitamin K2 MK-7 with the highest purity and unprecedented stability with a “trans” isomer content of up to 99.7%. It is identical to naturally occurring vitamin K2. This means it is completely bioactive, so users are likely to reap the full benefits of this amazing vitamin. This is the great result of the famous manufacturer Kappa Science AS from Norway.

In recognition of this unprecedented quality and purity K2VITAL® has become the Reference Standard for the United States Pharmacopeia, used globally as the benchmark for K2 analysis and cis/trans purity assessments.

Vitamin K2 exists in different forms, each of which has a different level of efficacy. There are 2 popular forms of Vitamin K2: MK-4 and MK-7. However, MK7 is considered by far the most effective form of K2 and is especially long-lasting for the body. Vitamin K2 MK7 also meets the functional needs of vitamin K2 in small doses. 


Sunday Natural and K2VITAL®


Vitamin K2 MK7 also has different chemical forms  that are so-called cis-trans isomers of vitamin K2, there are enormous differences even between different vitamin K2 MK7 active substances. It is believed that only the "trans" forms can be utilised by the body. The concept “All-trans" refers to an active ingredient containing at least 98% of vitamin K2 MK7 in the “trans” form.

Regardless of the manufacturer's information on the label, extensive labelling fraud is also taking place in this area, as a recent study was able to show: Despite being declared as "all-trans" K2, some of the supplements examined in the study contained no vitamin K2 at all and many others contained only 30% trans-K2. 

Our original K2VITAL® vitamin K2 from Norway is one of the few active ingredients on the market that can guarantee 100% of the highly effective all-trans MK7 for the stated vitamin K2 content and can reliably guarantee this through a special laboratory test made in Norway

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